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Matt Sorger Ministries Newsletter Vol 2

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VOL 2 APRIL JUNE 2021 MATT SORGER MINISTRIES QUARTERLY MINISTRY NEWSLETTER GOD S UNSTOPPABLE BREAKTHROUGH This is a turnaround season for you There s an unstoppable breakthrough coming your way Learn more about Matt s new book PAGE RESCUE1 UPDATE WHAT GOD IS DOING God is moving among our Rescue1 Homes Children are being healed and restored They are so thankful to YOU for helping them We have been traveling around the world in anointed zoom calls Many are being healed and filled with God s glory PAGE PAGE 4 5 6 2 3 RESCUE1 PHILIPPINES RESCUE1 GIRLS IN INDIA RESCUE1 MEXICO

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PAGE 2 GOD S UNSTOPPABLE BREAKTHROUGH BY MATT SORGER There are unstoppable breakthroughs coming to your life because as a believer you belong to an unstoppable God He is bringing you Unstoppable love Unstoppable grace Unstoppable restoration Unstoppable healing Unstoppable provision Unstoppable promotion Unstoppable victory Unstoppable growth Unstoppable freedom Unstoppable abundance Unstoppable favor Unstoppable destiny No matter what difficulties and pain you have walked through in life or are currently walking through you don t have to remain a victim You can thrive in the future that God has for you The reality is that there are some things in our lives we can t fix in our own power Only our all powerful God can bring the freedom healing and provision we need to experience breakthrough Wherever God s presence and glory are found all limitations fall away and all hindrances are removed

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PAGE 3 UNSTOPPABLE BREAKTHROUGH CONTINUED There are times when breakthrough is instant and dramatic I love those types of breakthroughs I ve experienced them many times and I encourage you to believe God for them But I ve also discovered that some times breakthrough doesn t look like that When you call to God for help He won t always immediately change your situation This doesn t mean He s not working It doesn t mean He s not moving in your life There are times when God doesn t deliver you out of something but instead takes you through it as He sustains and strengthens you When He brings you through you come out on the other side filled with more Christlikeness more faith more love more humility more holiness more vision more authority and more power You will no longer be beaten down and broken but your inner spirit will be restored and made strong to move forward in His eternal purposes In whatever way God chooses to perform His will and bring our breakthrough it is irresistible No power that rises against it can hinder it No force that resists it can overcome it No failure on our part can cancel it No plan of the enemy can stop it When you understand that you serve a God whose promises and purposes will all be fulfilled and who loves you deeply then you can step into the stream of His unstoppable life and experience all the blessings He has for you

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PAGE 4 RESCUE1 UPDATES BY STEPHANIE SORGER Your support has brought tremendous transformation and hope in the lives of our Rescue1 children The confidence and smiles that we see everyday on the faces of these kids are because of your generous support 2020 was a dramatic year With Covid and lockdown the children had to acclimate to a new lifestyle and routine But with this change we ensured that the children were well equipped with the education counseling and activities they needed to thrive The kids enjoyed reading music lessons and learning other trade skills The Christmas celebrations brought so much excitement and happiness to their year in spite of the changes that Covid brought to their lifestyle and their emotions With your support we were able to buy all the kids new outfits gifts toys lunch boxes reusable water bottles and shoes We also had a wonderful Christmas meal All the kids are extremely thankful to you for their gifts

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PAGE 5 RESCUE1 UPDATES CONTINUED BY STEPHANIE SORGER Every year we are usually able to take the children shopping to pick their own gifts but because of Covid restrictions we actually had a virtual video shopping We are very thankful to our staff for their patience in helping each child to patiently select the clothes shoes and toys they liked Churches have been closed so on Christmas Day we had prayer and worship time in the homes After that we had a great Christmas lunch and in the evening we had a cake party continued with lots of games for the kids Seeing these children enjoy life create memories play learn and enjoy their childhood in safety and support is the reason why we do what we do Seeing them FREE and SAFE is our purpose Thank you for your support You are restoring futures These children are safe from abuse because of you and taken care of in homes of peace and love as they should be

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PAGE 6 BEHIND THE SCENES WHAT GOD IS DOING BY MATT SORGER 2021 has been going strong in the Spirit Here are some highlights from our world Glory Life eChurch is growing and thriving We have over 70 committed members that meet each month on a Zoom Connect This month we all received communion together and the presence of God was so strong We prayed prophesied and ministered the word of God to one another We are growing into such an amazing spiritual family SEE PHOTO BELOW IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN BECOMING A PART OF OUR ONLINE CHURCH COMMUNITY YOU CAN GET MORE INFO HERE mattsorger com church Our weekly LIVE SERVICE on Friday night at 8pm EST has been going strong on Facebook YouTube and Twitter It s such a joy to minister the word to you each week and connect with our partners and church members I ve been on many other national and international Zoom Conferences around the world Through zoom we ministered to over 500 leaders in Korea we participated in an evangelistic crusade in Pakistan we ve ministered in two conferences in Switzerland and also ministered to the church in Sweden and Scandinavia We ve been active behind the scenes as well revamping much of our internal structure and systems as a ministry to run even more effectively for our partners and donors We ve launched a brand new ONLINE STORE You can check it out at mattsorger com We have been working hard on our new book launch coming this month for God s UNSTOPPABLE Breakthrough In it s preorder status it s reached 7 in the Amazon ranking of Charismatic books We believe it s going to help a lot of people

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PAGE 8 GLORY LIVING WEEKLY PODCAST GETTING A HIGHER PERSPECTIVE BY MATT SORGER In our current Glory Living podcasts I am teaching you how you can live a life of consistent breakthrough If you haven t listened to them yet you can at any time You can subscribe on Apple Google or Charisma Podcast Network There really is no mountain no wall no opposition that can hold you back One of the secrets I have learned in overcoming spiritual warfare the enemy has tried to throw at me is shrinking down the mountain What do I mean by this Perspective is EVERYTHING Sometimes we can focus so much on the obstacle or situation that is stressing us out that we magnify the problem and make it worse We get stuck in frustration and hopelessness thinking we are powerless in the situation When this starts to happen to me I remind myself of Christ s victory and the power He has given me Rather than sitting overwhelmed by the mountain I go higher I shrink it down in it s power over me I change my perspective I also remind myself to pray and take authority over an obstacle the enemy is trying to put up in front of me When we pray God moves and mountains must bow to His authority You are a mountain mover You are anointed to stop storms I encourage you to use your authority and pray over situations you think you are powerless in You have more influence than you realize