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Matt Sorger Ministries Newsletter Vol 3

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MATT SORGER MINISTRIESMINISTRY PARTNER PUBLICATIONS E P T - N O V 2 0 2 1 V O L 3THREE NEW CHILDREN RESCUED FROMTRAFFICKERS IN INDIADue to the second wave of Covid going throughIndia, many people have lost their lives. Manykids have lost both their parents and because ofthis many traffickers are using this as anadvantage to traffic girls. We were able to find 3girls who belong to the same family and lost boththeir parents. The girls were born to parents whoworked on daily wages. Their father worked as apalm wine extractor and he had to climb treesthat were very high. He had a tragic accident andfell down and died during his work. A short whilelater, their mother got COVID and passed awayleaving them with no one to care for them. Continued on Page 2...Rescue1 UpdateFREE WEBINARS TOEQUIP YOU INSUPERNATURAL LIFEWHAT GOD IS DOINGTHROUGH MSM & YOUGLORY LIFE E-CHURCHMONTHLY ZOOMPROPHETIC WORD - YOUWILL BE A WALKINGFLAME OF FIRE!I N T H I S I S S U E

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P H O T O B Y M A R T I N R . S M I T HJyothsna is only four years old, Renuka is 10 years old, and Supriya is 8 years old.Their story made it to the local news showing these girls crying over their mother'sbody. When our rescue team in India saw them in the news, they felt prompted toreach out to them for concern that because of their exposure publicly they would be atrisk for trafficking. We sent our team to their village to give the girls some toys andclothes. By the time our team arrived, there were already brokers trying to take thegirls away. Our team confronted the brokers and involved the police and wereable to move the girls into our Rescue1 safe home. Rescue1 Update Stephanie SorgerMSM APP - FREE AUDIO BIBLE FOR YOUDownload our FREE APP today. Go to your App Store and look for Matt SorgerMinistries. When you download the app you will receive a weekly teachingvideo from me, a free audio bible, access to our weekly podcast Glory Livingand access to all our FREE webinars to equip you in God’s supernatural life.You can also access our weekly LIVE STREAM right through the app everyMonday night at 8pm EST.

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God told me you would be like a “walking flame of fire.” There was such a prophetic flow last night on our live stream. Wave afterwave of God’s presence hit the broadcast. It lasted for 2 hours! I had a dream two weeks ago. I was in a large gathering filled withChristians worshipping God. I saw what looked like a liquid fire anointing. Itwas so tangible and so transferrable. I saw it going from one person to thenext. Then the next night I woke myself up out of my sleep preaching out loudand praying in tongues. I was saying, “There’s a new baptism of fire coming!We need the fire of God!” Then I began to pray in tongues as sound of myvoice woke me up.I remember a service I was in several years ago. During the morningmeeting I was scheduled to teach, but during worship I felt a tangible pillarof fire right next to me on the front row. The church air was cold, but thispresence was burning hot. God said to me, “I have sent a Seraphim angelinto the meeting.” God’s presence filled the place and I never did get toteach my message. That night we gathered again. On the way to the church I turned to my teamand asked, “Are you hot? I’m so hot!” They said, “No Matt. It feels cold.”Everyone was wearing coats, scarves and hats. We were in an old stonechurch building with no heat and it was during winter. As I stood to thepulpit to preach, God struck me mute. I stood there looking at hundreds ofpeople waiting for me to say something. Prophetic Insights with MattYou Will Be a Walking Flame of Fire

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But I couldn’t open my mouth. Then something unusual started to happen. Theair started getting hot. People started peeling off every extra layer of clothing.They started opening the church windows! People started running out of thechurch screaming, “The fire of God is in the church!” Others were crawling outas well. The tangible fire of God swept through the sanctuary. And I will tell you whathappened. People were healed, set free and delivered from strongholds thathad been in their lives for years! There was a deep cleansing that broughtintense freedom. I believe God’s fire is coming again. It will be like a liquid fire anointing that willspread from one person to the next. I had this vision of Christians looking like walking flames of fire. I wrote aboutthis in my new book, God’s UNSTOPPABLE Breakthrough. God wants you to know during this season, that His GRACE, His LOVE, HisFREEDOM, His GLORY and His POWER are UNSTOPPABLE in your life. I encourage you to get my NEW BOOK and step into God’s unstoppableblessings for your life.Prophetic InsightsContinuedYOU CAN GET A COPY ALONG WITHSOME SPECIAL OFFERS AT OUR STOREAT MATTSORGER.COM. NO DEMON, NO PERSON, NOCIRCUMSTANCE can stop God’s blessingand plan for your life.

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What is God Doing Through MSM & YOU? Every week people are getting touched by God’s glory and power and arereceiving a fresh word from God. Not only have we been having powerfulmeetings on the road, but God is moving through our weekly LIVE STREAM. We encourage you to tune in every Monday night at 8pm EST on Matt'sFacebook Page and YouTube Page. Matt and Stephanie arepraying for you! We declarethe peace and presence ofGod to cover your heart andmind and that your soul is fullof joy and freedom. All thingsare working together for yourgood in Jesus name.

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GLORY LIFE E-CHURCH Did you know we do a monthly LIVE VIDEO ZOOM connectwith our Glory Life eChurch family? We are growing eachmonth as we strengthen each other in God. We inspire,pray for and encourage each other with God’s Spirit andword. To become a Glory Life eChurch member go For some this is their mainchurch family. For others it is asupernatural communitysupplement to their homechurch. We invite and welcomeyou. I'd love to pour into yourlife in this way.

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A Word from Our Rescue1 Supported Philippines HomeIn the Philippines, a young mom and her 10 month old baby Lucas found refugein our home. Sadly, baby Lucas was so malnourished doctors assisted our teamby monitoring him with a special feeding protocol. His mother, trapped for yearsin one of the brothels our teams visited regularly by bringing food, supplies andspecial assistance to the women and children trapped inside. Our home directorwill pray, counsel and encourage the girls. When Lucas’ mother was 8 monthspregnant the brothel manager said she was no longer able to “perform” andkicked her out. With no money and nowhere to live she was pregnant, aloneand desperate. She tried to end her own life.Don't forget to download ourMSM App! Go to your AppStore and search for MattSorger Ministries. There's somuch there for you. But now, we received reports thatBOTH are thriving! Baby Lucas hasgained weight, is sleeping through thenight and is so happy. His motherMary's heart has been transformed anddedicated her and Baby Lucas's life tothe Lord. She was so happy that sheinvited her friends from the brothel toshare her testimony! Praise the Lord!